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So has anyone else noticed that Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain, so far, is pretty much just a modern scifi retelling of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot????

Like, the pilot for The Strain is almost identical to an abridged version of the first half of Salem’s lot! I mean with the box/coffin and…

I think the similarities actually come from the fact that they are both more or less modern retellings of Dracula. The coffin/ box theme is borrowed from there and so is the plane at the beginning of the Strain (in the book it’s the ship The Demeter).

Moreover, is it just me or Gabriel Bolivar is a bit of a pastiche of Lestat?

I was thinking the exact same thing once the survivors were released! Bolevar is like a deplorable, unlikable, detestable, slimy poseur adaptation of Lestat.
Once he was released back onto the street I immediately thought ‘Vampire rock star? Oh my god??? It’s like Lestat?’ But I like Bolevar about as much as I like Stuart Townsend’s dreadful depiction of  Lestat De Lioncourt in the godawful film rendition of Queen of The Damned.

Really what made me think of Salem’s lot was an older human man orchestrating the vampire’s passage to the city, and also the fact that the coffin was transported via white van.

praise gay satan i look damn good today

Draw a picture of me and submit it to me please
If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

When I was young my mother once told me not to be angry with my father for beating me. She calmly took me by the arm one day and very gently and calmly told me that her any my father both grew up in abusive households, they were raised by parents who beat them, that my father had a hard time adjusting to home life after fighting in Vietnam, and he was overwhelmed by having to care for a child and this was the only way he knew how to raise one.

But that’s not an excuse, is it?
They both grew up in abusive households. They knew pain, and they knew what terrified and hurt them growing up. They knew exactly what not to do to a child, because what child enjoys being abused and neglected by their parents? And yet they did to me exactly what their parents did to them. He didn’t know how else to raise a child? That’s not true. He knew what hurt him growing up and instead of doing everything in his power to let none of that ever happen to me, he used it as a weapon against his own child.
That man was no father to me, and my mother’s apologist attitude towards his actions and her ability to turn a blind eye to her own child’s pain make her just as contemptible as him.
I never had parents.
I had abusers.

I will be as angry as I want.



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The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.



is this cacticon?







Blue, brown, and green eye colors

Mine fluctuates Between amber and honey

Mine’s not even on the chart. Mine is a golden sea green.

Mine’s hazel. 

Mine’s forest green, but more brown, really.

Either sky blue or baby blue

Amber or chestnut.

You know, I like frogs a lot, but my fursona is actually a vampire bat.I don’t blog about bats enough.I should probably fix that.

You know, I like frogs a lot, but my fursona is actually a vampire bat.
I don’t blog about bats enough.
I should probably fix that.