Syringe Cat Dead, Details Later


Boots making sure his foot is very clean, he’s like an 8 legged cat! Look at how delicate he is with his fangs :) so cute!

The funny thing is that I wasn’t sure what I was looking at while the video was first buffering, so I read the comment and I went
"8-legged cat? Oh, so a spider then."
And a spider it was.

worst birthday ever

when i was 6 i stepped on a snail and cried for 2 and half days


A good child

When I was little I used to be really conscious of where I stepped(I still am) and I used to always look down when I walked so that I would be able to mind my steps and not step on any bugs.
I used to yell at complete strangers for stepping on bugs and I would cry and cry if someone killed a bug. I’d force my parents to have little funerals with me for any dead bugs or small animals that either died of natural causes, or from human aloofness.

The bane of my existence is when I need to walk somewhere after a good rain. All those happy worms come up for their little rain party and it’s so stressful to try to walk around them without stepping on them, and what’s worse is that people will walk right past me or zoom past me on their bikes and completely negate all of my hard work and patience to not harm any of the worms. (This also happened with a huge group of little adorable toadlets trying to cross a jogging/biking path one spring. *shudders*)
I know stepping of a few would hardly put a dent in their sheer numbers but I just cannot with good conscience knowingly cause harm to something so harmless and beneficial to our planet. I don’t like causing harm to bugs.

The only time I really go out of my way to kill bugs is when cicadas get stuck in their shells and their exoskeleton hardens and they cannot get out.
They either starve to death, burn alive in the sun, or are eaten alive by ants. I don’t want them to suffer, and the ants can eat them after their dead.

Every time I kill a bug either intentionally or not I just get super bummed. The memory will come back weeks later and I’ll get bummed out all over again.

I guess….

I guess….


sighs @ own self

hffffff this made me blush really fucking hard wow.

I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.
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draw mokie

Who is Mokie and what do I benefit from this?

Still super proud of this old Slick drawing I did. Holy shit.

Still super proud of this old Slick drawing I did. Holy shit.

Wow, really only posting this for the Karkat.I drew a damn good Karkat, wow.

Wow, really only posting this for the Karkat.
I drew a damn good Karkat, wow.

Woah really old art of one of my furry characters, Fletcher.I might colour this some day.Maybe not, who knows?

Woah really old art of one of my furry characters, Fletcher.
I might colour this some day.
Maybe not, who knows?